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Statements BONIN Foundation

On the website published a report about the activities of the foundation Bonin. Reports are available in .pdf files in polish language.

Statement for 2011 year

Retort is in .pdf file
download size: 249 KB

Statement for 2010 year

Retort is in .pdf file
download size: 340 KB

Statement for 2009 year

Retort is in .pdf file

Statement for 2008 year

Retort is in .pdf file
download size: 135 KB

Statement for 2007 year

Retort is in .pdf file
download size: 162 KB


Fundacja Bonin
Bonin 31, 73-150 Łobez

NIP: 253-025-83-22, REGON: 320328595,
KRS: 0000275853


Szczecin office: Wielka Odrzańska 28a/5, 70-535 Szczecin
phone/fax: (91) 812 12 53, e-mail: fundacjabonin@gmail.com

Bank account number: Bank Polska Kasa Opieki S.A.: 07 1240 3930 1111 0010 6464 5675

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