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The project ‘Wake Up! Promoting Non-formal Education of Youth in Łobez Commune through International Strategic Partnerships’ was carried out in the West Pomeranian Voivodship in 2016-2018. Its objective was to improve the quality of youth education, training and work in the commune by introducing bespoke non-formal education methods into the local educational processes, within the framework of international partnerships. It involved an exchange of knowledge and experiences between organisations from three countries: Poland, Germany and the Netherlands. The project resulted in creating a model strategy for developing non-formal education, and a compendium of methods and tools for working with young people in rural areas. The project partners set out to make these materials transferable, ie suitable for implementation in any rural area which has set itself similar goals. All the activities carried out as part of the project were monitored by two expert institutions from Poland and Germany. The project has had a significant impact on the youth education policy of the commune, supplementing the existing system with non-formal learning opportunities.


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