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Youth exchange

Youth exchanges: underlying premises.
The youth exchange programme called ‘An International Expedition into the Past and the Future’ was devised to test non-formal education methods and tools on the target group. During two summer events in Bonin in 2016 and 2017, young people from Berlin and Łobez Commune implemented their ideas in various thematic blocks, including local history, new media and digital communications. As per the principles of freedom pedagogy, they were given free rein to take initiative and organise themselves, while the teachers’ role was to support, not lead them.
The two events resulted in preparing an exhibition for the local community, organising the ‘Wake Up!’ festival and creating a themed trail with QR codes. The methods we applied were put together into a compendium, which is now available on the platform for publishing the results of Erasmus+ initiatives, and on our website.


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