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Intellectual outputs

The Guide to Pedagogy of Freedom is a publication which presents the idea of non-formal education along with its tools and methods in a novel way. The methods were devised and tested during two international youth events, and the guide contains QR codes that can be used to view short training films showing examples of how the methods can be applied. The digital version of the guide also includes hyperlinks allowing instant access to these teaching aids. The guide is meant for teachers, trainers and other youth workers. It is a publication written entirely in gender-neutral language.

A guide to pedagogy of freedom


The Strategy is a document that provides a model for introducing non-formal education in Łobez Commune - a rural area in Poland close to the German border. Following relevant modifications, the strategy can be implemented in any place in Europe that has similar characteristics. It was devised by partners from three countries: Poland, the Netherlands and Germany. 

Strategy for developing non-formal education


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