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Bonin Foundation

I’ve been working as a documentary film-maker for many years. During my work, I’ve learned that only those who share with others can ever find happiness, by being generous with their time, talents, patience, humility and last but not least, with their smile. It’s not easy. Most people strive for goodness but only some of them succeed in their lifetime - then they reap the rewards here and now. I know what I’m talking about because I’ve met such people. Sometimes all that’s needed is a pretext, some children from a rural community and a group of friends. We’ve called ourselves a foundation… I hope you don’t mind.

Wiesława Piećko

Click here to watch a presentation on Bonin Foundation:

Presenting Bonin Foundation - by Marlena Mazur

Board of directors:

    Wiesława Brygida Piećko - Chair of the board
    Roma Szaraszek - Vice chair of the board

Council members

    Krystyna Serafin - Chair of the council
    Anna Grzywińska - Council member
    Bronisława Kaczor - Council member

Friends of the foundation

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Seat of the foundation

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Fundacja Bonin
Bonin 31, 73-150 Łobez

NIP: 253-025-83-22, REGON: 320328595,
KRS: 0000275853


Szczecin office: Wielka Odrzańska 28a/5, 70-535 Szczecin
phone/fax: (91) 812 12 53, e-mail: fundacjabonin@gmail.com

Bank account number: Bank Polska Kasa Opieki S.A.: 07 1240 3930 1111 0010 6464 5675

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